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The sun was shining today.

January 26th, 2010 at 03:42 pm

I had just typed up a brilliant post...and then clicked on something and it vanished. Sigh.

We met with our attorney today. The bankruptcy proceedings have begun. March 1 is when we're officially turning a new leaf and can start over with a clean slate.

I saw a few local part-time positions in the paper and on Craig's List today. I will go apply to those places and more on Saturday when I have some free time. Work gets in the way of me finding more work. LOL I already checked into putting more hours in where I currently am, and there's nothing available.

DH seems optimistic after we've left the lawyer. I'm glad. He's been stressing for over a year and I hope he is able to find a job that is less stressful for him. One that doesn't require any paperwork to come home would be nice too!

2 Responses to “The sun was shining today.”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Here's to a fresh start! Smile

  2. -Jerry- Says:

    I hope that the fresh start leads to a bright future for you, and that your DH is able to find enjoyable work. That's one of the best forms of insurance as far as getting out of a mood funk (especially if, as you noted, you don't have to deal with paperwork at home!).

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