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Nearly there!

January 12th, 2010 at 04:50 pm

DH brought the rest of the paperwork to the lawyer today. We hope that's the last pieces of information we need to put together. Now to wait to hear when our court date is to file bankruptcy and start over.

For the past week DH has been the head dishwasher and cook...though I can tell it's not as easy to do as he thought it was. "What should we have for dinner tomorrow?" is a question I get asked nightly. He's also used up a few items in the pantry and hasn't written them on the grocery list (I still shop, because the store is on the way home from work). I already got the "hey, how come you didn't buy X?" Gotta write it on the list! He's learning slowly. Keeping house isn't necessary an easy job, he's finding out. He's learning that quickly and I think he's getting a new appreciation for those who can smoothly run a household.

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  1. Amber Says:

    Good look with court

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