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January 3rd, 2010 at 05:40 am

Boy oh boy. I don't think it will ever stop snowing. I live in the northeast, and it's been snowing since last year! But seriously, it began with one storm on New Years Eve, and there's been storm after storm coming through...and it's still snowing now. At least I've had the last few days off from work, so I didn't have to be concerned about road conditions, but I'll need to get back to work tomorrow. That means setting the alarm again! I get fond of sleeping in.

The home office is shaping up and getting back into a room that we can use for us. A friend has a desk to give us; they have a new one (still in the box) and once they get their desk assembled we can come get a "new" desk for us. It's in great shape, and has many more storage options that ours. I should go to their house and help them get their new desk together. It would speed up my office situation!

I'm looking at some Restaurant.com gift certificates I have hanging on the bulletin board...a year or so ago I got the dinner of the month club for some insane price of like $24! I think that one of them would be a great idea for birthday dinner for me. I've got 2 $25 off of $40 for one restaurant (they sell out quick so I had purchased 2) and 2 others for $25 off, but you need to get 2/$35 entrees. I'll talk to DH about going to one of these. Or maybe not go out at all. That would be the cheapest, right?

2 Responses to “Snow”

  1. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I can't imagine that kind of snow. Take care in all that! Yeah, not going out would be cheapest but using a GC for dinner is a pretty good idea, too. What's the priority for you - having a birthday dinner or saving money?

  2. fern Says:

    Yup, at least being unemployed, i don't have to stress about how i'll be getting to work, or by what time. This year, it can snow all it wants.

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