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2010 couldn't have come sooner!

January 2nd, 2010 at 06:54 am

I've let DH sit on the couch and play video games for the last 2 days. To let him destress, enjoy himself and relax. I know it's been difficult for him the past year, so I'm fine that he's doing that.

Come Monday...he's the house husband. He knows this already! He has already asked how to do laundry. I think I'll keep that chore for myself, because I'm rather particular with laundry. But I hate doing dishes...so that's all his!

I was "gifted" a turkey carcass, and made a huge pot of turkey rice soup and canned up 7 quarts of it. That's DH's favorite, so he can have that as a lunch option while he's home. He got me a pressure canner/cooker a few years ago (probably more like 10-15 years ago!) for my birthday, and we both say it was the best $100 ever spent. We both enjoy making and eating soup, but if you want a variety you need to either make small batches or have a freezer full of soup. Canning it has been a blessing. I also use it for canning homemade chili, veggies from the garden, stocks, etc. There are always canning jars to be found somewhere, so this isn't an expensive venture.

Off to make the week's dinner menu. We will be having leftovers today (waste not, want not) and I'll review what we have on hand to figure out what we're having the rest of the week. It'll help the house husband get be more organized. LOL

3 Responses to “2010 couldn't have come sooner!”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I used to can tomatoes when I had a garden but haven't done it in a long time. Makes you feel so accomplished, though!

  2. cptacek Says:

    That is my goal this year...garden and learn how to can. I've been making different kinds of soups and freezing them, but it would be better to can it so it doesn't take up that much space.

  3. Digging out of the hole Says:

    cptacek - exactly why we can the soup! Too much freezer space was being taken up. That and having to wait for the darn block of soup to thaw when you were really hungry!

    CB - our gardens were so horrible this year; I love green beans, and that's about all we got out of it. No tomatoes, peppers, cabbage...nothing! We had such an abundance of rain all summer, everything turned to mush. I was disappointed. But there's always next year!

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